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Name:тαℓεṧ ṧεʀɪεṧ ṧαη∂ʙøx (ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋ ᴄᴏᴍᴍ)
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"good morning... my world."

The world is a bright and full of light—an eden beyond compare. Everything is routine and peaceful, the only world that you have ever known. You are surrounded by familiar people, leading a life that is no different from any other day before. This is what you know and what you have always known, an ordinary existence within a peaceful paradise.

But this world, is fake.

The "true" world remains encased in crystal, your memories of it having been masked with false recollections. As you start to remember, you must make a choice: should you give up this eden or do you fight for a place in it? Is this "true" world even yours to begin with? Which world is worth protecting?

That, my hero, is for you to find out.

Welcome to [community profile] crystaleden, an invite only sandbox based heavily on Tales of Asteria’s ~Recollections of Eden~ story as well as other elements in the Tales of the World spin-offs. Players may choose their own style of play, whether it be a mem-loss and regain route, a choose your alliance route, or even a mixture of the two. While polls will occur bimonthly to determine opt-in plot events, players are also highly encouraged to come up with their own adventures.

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